The economic and social opportunities for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are enormous, but growth is limited by lack of infrastructure to assure safety and coming regulatory compliance.

Rhombus is solving this problem with a dedicated air traffic control system specifically for UAVs.

Rhombus air traffic control system (RATC) is an automated UAS air traffic control system which works with the existing manned air traffic control system, but provides automation for assuring that beyond-line-of-sight commercial UAS activities can scale rapidly.

Our system is also designed to enable easy extension of the spirit of existing regulations and practices from commercial manned aircraft activities to beyond-line-of-sight unmanned commercial activities.

The RATC system will act not only as an application service provider (ASP), but will also include vehicle standards and certification, identification, continuous communications for both command and control as well as payload uplink/downlink (i.e. video) and an independent radar system for verification of airspace activity and incursions.